Kurush & Rita’s HOPE – Jimmy, Oreo & Pete

"Our family always has always had a strong affirmation for big breeds. My dad was never too fond of small breeds until we rescued Jimmy, a Spitz Pomeranian. We found him outside our gate. As time passed he grew on my father and became the house’s favorite. In October 2013, we were blessed with a beautiful three month old Shih Tzu. He was barely the size of my palm! We, including Jimmy, dived into taking up different responsibilities when it came to taking care of Oreo. Jimmy was a parental figure when it came to Oreo. He taught Oreo everything he knows today, apart from the mischief and several tricks he’s always got up his sleeve! Unfortunately Jimmy passed away when he was 14 years old…


Do You Scoop After Your Dog Poops?

Hearing complaints from people around including many pet parents about seeing poop lying around on the road corners because their pet parents apparently didn't think it was their responsibility to pick it up after their dog. There is a very strict law in many countries to always scoop after your pet poops. Would you like to walk over someone else's poop or even if it was yours? No? Why do you think it's okay to let others have to deal with your pet's surprise when you wouldn't personally like dealing with it? This problem is faced by almost everyone, everyday! It should be more of a must-do to have a clean and peaceful community. Reasons why you should actually start scooping your pet's poop are: Hygiene…


Walking Can Be Interesting!

Having to walk your pooch everyday can get monotonous not just for you but even for your pet. Keeping walks interesting is easier than you think and fun as well. Finding your own special way of bringing in some fun to your walks will not only keep your dog interested in walks but will also make your bond stronger with it. There are multiple ways of doing this wherein you won't have to drag your pet literally out of the house or hear them growl. Walks can be turned into a time that your pooch always looks forward to not just because it has to poop and pee but because it loves the time spent outside with you. Listing down a few easy methods to keep…


Shreya & Rohit’s HOPE – Buddy

"Last year on our first wedding anniversary, Feb 11th, we decided to bring home our bundle of joy and hope — Buddy. The double-coat, black & tan hunk is perhaps the most handsome German Shepherd Dog one would rarely see. He is a real head-turner and equally praised by kids and elders. He came home when he was only 5 weeks old. From a frizzly ball of fur that used to comfortably fit in our arms to now outgrowing that space sooner than imagined, Buddy has captured our hearts to the fullest capacity.  This baby, who’s a little over a year-and-a-half, has changed and continues to change our lives in the most beautiful and amazing ways. We have become more attentive — no more dropping food; more sincere —…


Subodh’s HOPE – Guddu & Mufy

"Since childhood I always had a dog or strays dogs or some pet like a rabbit. I have stayed alone for many years but never felt lonely. Few years back I started feeling uneasy and was reluctant to return home. I used to pass my time at my relatives' or friends' homes. Going through this feeling daily wasn't easy and so I decided to get a dog home. Since I lived alone, a normal sized dog would have been difficult for me to manage and handle so I decided to get a Chihuahua. Soon after getting Guddu, I started returning home like a magnet being pulled by another magnet. After a while I realized that Guddu was getting lonely whenever I went out or wasn't really…

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