5 Must Watch Animal Movies! (2/2)

Here’s part 2 for all the movie buffs and animal lovers, Petronus giving out 5 more movies you can chill out to with your furr balls!

Marley & Me (2008)

Marley & Me is a comedy-drama film about the titular dog named Marley. John and Jennifer Grogan are newspaper writers and after their wedding they move to Florida. John gets his wife a puppy but Marley is difficult to handle for them. He tends to check their patience every next second by creating a mess around them. But whatever mischief Marley does comes out as a source material for John’s newspaper column. Gradually, the scattered family bind their emotions and realize the love. John realizes his worth in true terms and believes that how dogs unlike human have an edge over understandings. It’s still one of the best animal movies

Dreamer : Inspired by a true story (2005)

Dreamer is a sports drama film. It is about a horse trainer who takes his work seriously and gives more importance to his horses than his daughter. There is a horse called Soñador, who falls during a race and injures herself. Ben Crane gives the racehorse another chance by adopting the horse. With all this happening the father and the daughter unconsciously work on their lost bond. With complexes in relationships, the film teaches that “Life is all about second chances” when the horse tastes victory after overcoming his pain. One of the best animal movies of 2005.

Lassie (2005)

Lassie is an adventure comedy-drama film based on Eric Knight’s 1940 novel Lassie Come-Home. Sam Carraclough is a miner and doesn’t earn enough to feed his family so he sells their dog lassie. The dog by the time is already attached to their family especially Sam’s son. Lassie keeps coming back from the home he is sold in. The family moves for a vacation, around 500 miles away but Lassie even runs away from there. Fighting with all the odds he travels 500 miles back to his real home. The affectionate side of an animal is revealed with a very emotional touch in this film.

Brother Bear (2003)

Brother Bear is an animated film by Walt Disney Feature Animation. The film plots the post-ice age Alaska where they believe in spirits and follow their own norms. It targets the brothers namely Kenai, Denahi and Sitka. Their spiritual practice indulges them in an abnormal death and life cycle. This cycle helps Kenai clear a lot of misconception he had about bears. His punishment of actually being transformed into a bear after killing one, works rightly. The title which he tries to chase, chases him just like his deeds which defines his destiny. A very pure message with an apt storyline get the Brother Bear its worth.

The Young Black Stallion (2003)

The Young Black Stallion is a film based on the 1989 novel having the same name. The film is about a young black Arabian colt Shetan. Neera, an Arabian girl separates from her father in a desert. She is then rescued by Shetan and soon a sparkling new connection is developed between them. She reaches her grandfather’s place and the horse vanishes out of nowhere. But she is not yet done with Shetan. Neera surprisingly happens to find the colt again and in an attempt to help her grandfather get back respect and money, she participates in a grand horse race. The horse wins and even get rewarded in an exceptional manner by having found his mother at the grandfather’s shelter. This plot signifies how having a family with tremendous affection is not less even in animals. Indeed it’s one of the best animal movies.

Adding another 5 to our previous list of movies for you was fun as much as it was watching them. How many of these have you already binge watched with your pets and cried or laughed to?

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