5 Must Watch Pet Movies! (1/2)

Weekends, breaks and some time away from the hustle can get interesting and relaxing when you have a good movie to catch-up on for the animal lover in you. Let’s make it easy for you to choose some good pet movies with beautiful animals leading the cinematic experience.

Ferdinand (2017)

Ferdinand is an animated and one of the best pet movies based on the 1936 children’s book, The Story of Ferdinand. It is a tale about a fighter bull who is surprisingly peace loving and prefers flowers and friendship over training and fighting. He falls a prey to his peers who bully him for the way he is. The movie then, leaves a mark for the children in the society who struggle with the traditional gender roles. The same message which could had been delivered without involving animals, is not given a second thought which possibly results in an imperishable connectivity amongst the spectators. Befriending creatures who are different from each other and being non-violent comes across as the supreme point which the charming animals make even more sober.

A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

A Dog’s Purpose is a comedy-drama adventure and one of the most heart melting pet movies based on the 2010 novel by W. Bruce Cameron. The film shows the story of Toby, a devoted dog who looks at things differently and has a unique purpose. This film has a very hypothetical plot which brings the belief of reincarnation in reality. Toby goes and grows through this reincarnation cycle, living different lives and playing different roles. Every single turn of his life has something left for him which helps him understand life. The movie’s motive is to encourage everyone to live life in the present and to leave past where it is supposed to be. This gets even sweeter when it is a dog who tries to frame our life’s purpose by exploring his own.

The Good Dinosaur (2015)

The good dinosaur is an animated drama adventure film with beautiful life lessons. It drops up starring an Apatosaurus named Arlo as the lead. Arlo loses his family in a natural calamity. he finds a cave kid named “Spot” who he thinks is responsible for his father’s death and tries to chase him. But, Arlo often gets stuck and it’s the kid who helps him set free. This is where their bond initiates. Gradually, Arlo discovers how strong he could be as circumstances test him. Unlike him the kid is shown brave. They differed as species but they still walked through the odds together. A dialogue in film by Arlo’s father says, “Sometimes you have got to get through your fear, to see the beauty on the other side”. Clearly the idea to have faith in oneself comes out vibrantly through this film.

Life of Pi (2012)

Life of Pi is a 2012 survival drama film based on Yann Martel’s 2001 novel. The protagonist is a boy named Piscine who is raised in India and has a small family zoo. He adopts the name “Pi” to avoid the pun intended teasing about his name. While leaving to Canada through seaways with few animals on board, the ship sinks due to heavy storms and Pi is sent on a lifeboat by a crewman. “Richard Parkar” a Bengal Tiger also shows his presence on the same lifeboat.

The 227 days spend by Pi across the pacific ocean with a Bengal Tiger symbolizes survival. Which is the theme of the film. It also teaches us how to accept and adapt our environment. The writer W.G. Sebold once wrote, “Men and animals regard each other across a gulf of mutual incomprehension.” It resembles the exact scenario on the ship. Both respond indefinitely with unknown emotions. But what matters at the end is that, some connectivity exists in some corners.

Red Dog (2011)

This film is based on the true story of a Red Dog from the novel Red Dog by Louis de Bernieres. A bus driver, John Grant happens to look after the Red Dog knowing that the dog had no one by his side. Later John proposes a woman named Nancy and he asks her to wait at a particular place until he returns but unfortunately he gets killed in a road accident. The Red dog unaware of the fact still waits for John at the same place even after the 3 days of funeral. The dog then takes a move of going to places where John used to go or could go.

A long search across the town gets him back to Nancy. Running away from a celebration, the dog is then found dead lying in front of John’s grave. In regards to the memory of this Red dog, a statue was made in Dampier, Western Australia. It exists even today. They are just like any other human who have emotions but they express it way better than humans. It’s one of the great pet movies.

These movies will make you cry and touch your soul with joy. Let us know if you have seen these movies and what do you think of them? Also, wait for another set of 5 movies which we have listed down for you.

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