Apurva’s HOPE – Eva & Nia

“The biggest hurdle of getting a dog home is convincing the family members about it. For me the Chembur Festival‘s Dog Walking event did wonders. It eased my efforts of trying to convince my parents and convinced them of getting a furball home. That’s how Eva landed up in our family. I had been keen on welcoming a female dog into our family, as I found them way more affectionate. I liked the bows and hairstyles loved to have and carried. So, after a year of having this adorable new member we decided to have her mated as we wanted our loving and intelligent baby to have more offsprings, and lucky for us, we had another girl, the notoriously famous and very cuddly Nia. It was a beautiful experience to have a dog be born in our home.

These little fur babies have taught me to be content. To be happy with small things. To never hold any grudges and the most important is that a cuddle can cure any stress. The hope that love still exists on this planet is what you see when you spend just a few minutes with these fur babies. So this 3.5 years old mother Eva and her 1.5 years old daughter Nia has got so much peace, hope, and happiness in our lives. We are forever indebted to them.”

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