Are You A Pet Parent Or A Pet Owner?

We meet different Pet Parents all the time. You have not spoken to the enough if you have not heard them talking about how their Pet is the best in the whole wide world. Agreed! Like every other parent on the planet, they too think their baby on 4 is the best than the rest and they are not wrong, because they are, in their own way. You discover how one can talk without getting tired about their pets. These people are parents, what do you expect? They are proud.

Now, you come across a different set of people too. These pet parents, are no where close to being parents to their pets but are just owners! Yes, owners and that is how they would even address themselves. Let’s see how these 2 types of people actually are with different situations and then you can decide if you are a Pet Parent or a Pet Owner.


Pet Parent are always so particular about their pets. They make sure that their baby (literally considering them their kid) is groomed timely. They make sure they are smelling nice, have a healthy coat, no ticks, fleas etc. These parents have their pets Professionally Groomed at least once in a month and bath every week. This makes sure that there are no mats on the fur which would eventually spoil their coat if not groomed immediately.

Pet Owners wouldn’t prefer getting their pets professionally groomed. They give them baths at home once in a few months (some every 3 to 6 months), which causes the fur to shed, matting, ticks, fleas, stinking etc. Dogs with a long coat face lots of issues if not given a bath every week. They eat with dirt over their coat, live with mats and so many germs under their paws. Who does this? Would you give your “baby” a bath only once in few months?

Boarding / Sitting

Pet Parents love their pets too much to not care about them when they are not around. Most of these parents prefer to stay in with their pets (yes, avoid going on holidays) so as to not leave their pets alone at home or somewhere else. They wouldn’t trust any random person to take care of their pooches unless they are content that they are going be taken care of by families or people who love pets and more importantly their pet loves or likes them back. They prefer to have a Sitter come home, who has experience of being around animals, is loving and knows what’s best for pets in case of emergencies. Another option taken up by pet parents is Home Boarding. Leaving their pet with a warm and loving family, who will treat their pets like their own babies.

Pet Owners wouldn’t care much and would either leave their pets home with food and water or leave them in Kennels. They will always negotiate and prefer kennels because they are cheaper than home boarding even after knowing how kennels affect their dogs. Kennels cause depression, separation anxiety, ticks, tick fever and many more problems. Seeing 10 different dogs around would not be very healthy if the dog isn’t social. Kennels also are not too keen about feeding dogs specific foods (as instructed by the parent) and they might even skip walks which is an important exercise.


Pet Parent considers their pets, their family. They make sure that their babies are a part of all important events happening. This being said, just like how baby shoots, pre-wedding, wedding shoots are important to them, having their pets photographed is also important. They don’t just get family portraits with pets done, but also have their enjoy, show-off their photogenic snoots, and be the lead by having solely their photo-shoots done. They know the importance of memories created and how they will always be with them, long after their pets have moved on.

Pet Owners don’t really believe in creating such memories with and for their pets. They usually have these pets with them to create a status symbol in the society but don’t take care of them, create memories or even consider them family. These people would leave their pets on the streets as soon as they see them growing old or plan on shifting to a different place or give them up because they simply don’t care. They don’t deserve love from animals!

Don’t be a Pet Owner because we need more Pet Parents to take care of our animals and Earth. More than they need our love, we need theirs to make everything okay and you know this if you truly love and care about any animal in general. Let’s adopt, foster or at-least just care for them enough to make this world a better place to live in!

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