Are Your Cat’s Paws Healthy?
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Are Your Cat’s Paws Healthy?

Monsoons are beautiful, fun and obviously wet! Rain just doesn’t bring in relief from the summers but also welcomes lot many health problems for us as well as our pets. It’s not easy to take care our felines with their tantrums all over the place but let’s help you with a few tips to maintain those pretty pink paws of our cats during monsoons.

Paw: The First Law

Your little ones are always on an adventure exploring new things at new places without having the knowledge of how healthy the place is for them. They tend to have all the dirt stuck in the middle of their paws occupying those little gaps. Sometimes, a situation can even get worse, they may encounter swellings and cuts, which shouldn’t be ignored. To avoid further problems it is necessary to look after your feline’s paw every single day. Every next thing you notice should be considered. Visit the vet if you find any blood or even an unusual odor around. Later, the symptoms if you ignored  to be turned out to be the reason for severe infection.

The Nail Pain

We as children never liked it when our parents used to cut our nails. The set of tantrums we had were very illogical and unnecessary. Similar is the case with cats. You need to train your cat and inculcate the habit in them. Also, your touch should be made familiar to them, so keep massaging their paws before you trim their nails. A wise suggestion would be to never trim the nails of all the paws, together. Instead go for one or two paws per session. Also, make sure while doing this you offer your cat with its favorite toy and obviously your love too. Go for a high quality nail scissor to avoid hurting those pretty paws.

Pads Protection

For every cat their paw pads are very significant. It helps them land gently and even to hunt silently. Having said all this they are very sensitive too. They need more care. Not only when it’s hot but even in cold weather they need to be moisturized. For this, go out for a vet-recommended product to avoid any damage to the pads. It is important to avoid your kitty’s feet from getting exposed to freezing and hot surfaces.

Hairy Feet

Cats with long hair do invite worry at times. It is very necessary to understand their hair’s growth as well as its range. Sometimes their hair may come in between their toes. This could irritate and disturb your cat. You need to understand how comfortable your cat is with a particular hair length. You will simply know it if she constantly licks her hair. A basic solution would be to speak to a groomer or veterinarian and ask for tips on how to trim the hair.

Dry Paw Pads

Sometimes, environmental allergies or food allergies also result in cracked or dry paw pads. Dry paw pads could equally irritate your cat. In that case, treat your cat with a vet recommended product to moisturize the paw pads. Majorly, oil used for cooking is applied on the paw pads, which in turn would not poison your cat whenever she licks. After the oil is absorbed you can wash it out, to avoid layering up the floors with the oil. A very serious precaution would be to not treat your cat with lotions for cracks made for humans as they may worsen the situation.

Cats are good at hiding pain so do pay attention to them and do not ignore any hint they drop. Also, these monsoons when you shop do not forget to add stuff to your cat’s bucket too. Enjoy the season completely and together wash off all the stains of discomfort and unease with the glittery showering rains. Petronus will love and care for your pets irrespective of the season.

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