Sakshi’s & Bryan’s HOPE – Lizzy

"LIZZY IS ADOPTED! Lizzy is definitely a standing example of the perils of separating a lactating mom from her kids. What a journey it has been!! I am more than elated to share with you all that our Lizzy, a breeder rescue who was still lactating and had gone through mental and physical trauma, is now adopted into a loving family, where she's already spending her days lolling around in nature's lap. She's definitely crowned a queen there. A big shoutout to Lizzy's foster parents, Bryan Gomes and his family, who left no stone unturned in taking care of Lizzy and moulding her habits and behavior. She started showing signs of recovery. Bryan's entire family participated in Lizzy's recovery. From her walks to food to post…


How Dare “You” Or “Us”?

How did we even think it was okay to kill or destroy everything around us? How dare we think that we are superior and have the power over every soul we come across? Who gave us the right to kill so many animals, trees, snatch away homes of so many birds, fishes etc. for our selfish and shitty means? Who has the answers to these? How does one paper give you the right to order cutting down trees like you have had the magic wand and power to create and destroy life. Funny how we humans think we were put on Earth to create a planet filled with idiotic humans and kill every other beautiful and loving creation around. We have almost destroyed the Amazon, made…


Sadhana’s HOPE – Cotton

"From childhood, I have been fond of animals, birds, aquatic beings. Well, I have many stories to tell. To begin, I will begin with Cotton, our cat. Cotton, came in our lives mysteriously and disappeared later mysteriously. One evening, we neighbours were in our bldg quadrangle where we gathered for a tete a tete. I was playing with Anirudh who was 3 years old, the grangrandchild of  my neighbour. At that time, one sickly white kitten with a golden tail appeared limping. He looked very weak and one foot was injured and so the limp. I saw Anirudh awestruck with the kitten. In order to make him understand compassion and affection, I went home and got a bowl of milk and soframycin. The kitten lapped up the milk…


Sonakshi’s HOPE – Cocoa

"I have always loved dogs! There is something in the way they look at you full of love making you feel so special! As a child my parents did not let me have one owing to the fact that a lot of work and care goes into looking after them and thought that I was being stubborn like a child and would soon out grow the idea of getting a dog. But soon enough as an adult I demanded to have one and my constant coaxing shook their resolve. My brother and I quickly got Cocoa home before they changed their mind again. The first few months were difficult, well a puppy has a lot energy, to top it the teething and the odd sleeping hours…


Kurush & Rita’s HOPE – Jimmy, Oreo & Pete

"Our family always has always had a strong affirmation for big breeds. My dad was never too fond of small breeds until we rescued Jimmy, a Spitz Pomeranian. We found him outside our gate. As time passed he grew on my father and became the house’s favorite. In October 2013, we were blessed with a beautiful three month old Shih Tzu. He was barely the size of my palm! We, including Jimmy, dived into taking up different responsibilities when it came to taking care of Oreo. Jimmy was a parental figure when it came to Oreo. He taught Oreo everything he knows today, apart from the mischief and several tricks he’s always got up his sleeve! Unfortunately Jimmy passed away when he was 14 years old…

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