Best Tech For Dog Parents In 2019!

Who doesn’t like spoiling their pets in the best way possible! In this era full of advanced technology your paw friend needs some leveled up tech products too!

Yeah it’s great to spoil them with some chew toys and balls but don’t you think someone needs an upgrade for being a good boy/girl? Here we have listed some of the best advanced gadgets, dog parents should have in  2019! 

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

INR 8,000 – INR 30,000

Having a pet at home brings a lot of fur on the floor especially when they shed a lot than usual and being trapped in our daily routine it is difficult  to sweep the floor every other second. Pets shed fur in their habitat and no matter how much you sweep, the floor is going to have a layer of fur all around the house. But here my friend, is a gadget you never thought existed! Robot vacuum cleaner is an autonomous vacuum cleaner which doesn’t have to be controlled by a hooman! It has a “self mode” which cleans the floor by itself. Also there a lot of options for you to rely on when it comes to cleaning the house!

Pooch Selfie

INR 2,500 & Above

Here’s a product which satisfies all the needs of a selfie lover who has been waiting since ages to share a great selfie picture with their pawstie. I mean who wouldn’t want to flaunt awesome selfies with their pets? It is very hard to click a picture with your pet looking right at the camera or even getting them to sit still and this is when Pooch Selfie helps you get the best of selfies with your pooch! Pooch Selfie is a smartphone accessory which comprises of a ball which gets your pet’s attention towards it. Your pet instantly starts staring at the ball which is right besides the camera and voila! you can now click a perfect picture!

Poop Collector

INR 1,500- INR 2,000

Everyone likes to take their pet along everywhere possible but sometimes we are without an option because pets poop around, which offend the rules and pollute the surroundings. In this case, poop collectors come handy. It not only works as a helping hand but also lets you take your pet along with you wherever you want! Poop collector is a soft silicon clip which is not at all harmful to your pet’s tail. It comes along with disposable pooper bags which can be disposed off without getting your hands dirty.

360 Degree Pet Washer

INR 500 – INR 1,000

No pooch likes to bath no matter how obedient he/she is! Bathing or even rinsing them off is a difficult task probably the most difficult one! Thousands of trials yet no one can get them cleaned properly until one has 360 Degree Pet Washer with them. So 360 Degree Pet Washer is a pet grooming tool which eases rinsing and washing pets of every size in mere 1 minute! Yes you heard it right! It specializes in reaching the hardest areas which you find difficult to clean. It’s hassle free as it is convenient and saves up-to 80% of your time.

Liquid Filled Gel Handle

INR 899- INR 1,900

Is your pet playful, energetic and hard to handle when it comes to walk with a leash? The traditional leash is so outdated and has caused so many hand injuries to people residing around the world. People have faced so many hand fatigue problems and have skipped taking their pets on a walk for this reason which is considerably harmful to both, the hooman and the pet. What brings a change here is the new liquid filled gel retractable handle which allows your paw companion to walk or even run without causing you any sort of harm! It expands up-to 16 feet and is adjustable till 20 kgs. It has an adjustable grip with rust proof and on/off lock for safety available in 3 sizes according to the pet’s height and weight.

Although the products might look expensive but trust me these gadgets are a “must-have” and your pet should be showered with love with these! Send Petronus virtual your four legged friend’s kisses if any of these helped you!

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