Divyesh’s HOPE – Osho

“It was monsoon of 2016 and I was planning to adopt my first pet dog. The picture I had in my mind was of a Rottweiler. I asked couple of my friends do they know any breeders who deal with puppies. A friend of mine told me he knows one and on a 17th September evening I paid a visit to the breeders house. There he was, a 4 months old Lhasa, full of hair over his eyes and face. I approached him for the first time and he ducked and barked. I met the Rottweiler pup but he wasn’t that comfortable with me. Later, on 20th September I met the breeder, since he asked me to come and meet the Lhasa again. He wanted to sell it and this time he didn’t let me go home for 2 hours.

I brought him home on 25th September and I still remember it was a surprise for everyone. He checked every room at our place and then finally decided to make the 2nd bedroom his ultimate spot for everything.

The same day when everyone came home, at first they asked “why did you get a dog. It’s such a big responsibility, and who’s going to look after him etc. It’s been 3 years now and he has become a part of our family. We turned up to be a family of 5 from 4. Earlier our home address used to be known by my name and now it’s recognized as “Osho ka ghar na? Voh vaha hai..”. The most loved and famous person in our locality. I still remember one day dad came home after a walk with Osho and told me that “I have never known more people by your name, than I’ve known by Osho’s now”. He is my ultimate mood changer. He loves bum scratches, tandoori Sundays, long walks and unwanted fights.

Osho, is basically the beat of our hearts, because in these 3 years he has not just given us happiness and trouble but also has become a part of our daily routine and most importantly our family.”

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