Do You Scoop After Your Dog Poops?

Hearing complaints from people around including many pet parents about seeing poop lying around on the road corners because their pet parents apparently didn’t think it was their responsibility and avoid picking it up after their dog. There is a very strict law in many countries to always scoop after your pet poops.

Would you like to walk over someone else’s poop or even if it was yours? No? Why do you think it’s okay to let others have to deal with your pet’s surprise when you wouldn’t personally like dealing with it? This problem is faced by almost everyone, every day! It should be more of a must-do to have a clean and peaceful community. Reasons, why you should actually start scooping your pet’s poop, are:


Have you ever thought how much of the poop lying around is unhygienic for us and other living? This can start causing serious health issues for everyone around more than anything else to be concerned about. Your pet’s feces contain lots of bacteria (obviously not the healthy one), parasites, and pathogens. Which eventually contaminates the soil and gets washed off by water, ruining the waters as well.


Walking over poop and smelling it everywhere you go isn’t great and fancy. Having a trail of poop that was stuck under your shoe and leaving prints of it around can be annoying for you as well as others. This will further ruin floors, cars and carpets. This doesn’t make things easy for anyone and in the end it’s just GROSSS…


In many states and municipalities, pet parents are forcibly required to scoop up after their pets’ poop job. Dog bags are cheap, portable and widely available (or just use paper bags from the grocery store). This law is to make sure the pet parents take up enough responsibility for everything that their pets do, including scooping their poop.


Be the person who people look up to when it comes to getting the right to advise on having and taking care of a pet. There is always a lot of ‘negativity‘ from individuals and community groups who don’t want dogs allowed on their venues around town, including parks. Some will even lobby to get rid of current dog parks due to the huge number of pet parents who refuse to clean the poop after their dogs. Likewise, pet-friendly hotels struggle with guests who won’t do the polite thing and pick up after their dogs – a disgusting sight for other guests to see and the smell. This is another reason for hotels to stop allowing pets. Be a good ambassador for pet parents: pick up after your dog, immediately and consistently. Be persistent.

Picking up after your dog shouldn’t feel like a bad thing. It shouldn’t feel like an obligation but should be more of a parent’s responsibility. You should be ready before you decide to get a dog home. This is more like taking up the responsibility of doing the right thing. Let’s not be disgusted as they are nothing more than our own babies.

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