Climate Change: How Dare “You” Or “Us”?


How did we even think it was okay to kill or destroy everything around us? How dare we think that we are superior and have the power over every soul we come across? Who gave us the right to kill so many animals, trees? Snatch away homes of so many birds, fishes, etc. for our selfish means? Who has the answers to these? How does one paper give you the right to order cutting down trees? Do you think you have a magic wand and power to create and destroy life? Funny how we humans think we were put on Earth to create a planet filled with idiotic humans and kill every other beautiful and loving creation around.


We have almost destroyed the Amazon, made a garbage land out of the water bodies with the Himalayas crying for help for it’s melting ice and it’s habitats on the other hand. We shout over the speakers about all of this and go home to eat meat or kill a few trees for our wants. We abuse the strays who just came to you for some food because all it smells and sees around is your spill shit. You want to kill these poor souls just because they want to co-exist and want some love? They don’t know how crappy we humans are and incapable of giving the most basic thing – LOVE and CARE.


We are doomed and no amount of crying and whining is going to help us in any way. We asked for this and even after being aware of the situation, we are still walking tall towards the end. Do you still think well-educated means the person has common sense? Seeing our leaders giving out orders of destroying forests for metros, stopping people from taking any action against such a stupid move by putting them behind bars, just shows that either they are just a bunch of morons running the country or they just don’t care. Either way, we are all going to be a part of the big swipe soon.

How and why do we continue hurting our planet even after repeated backlashes from nature in its way? It’s now or never because if we continue at this rate, there won’t be any other generation to see and feel Earth, get love from animals and birds, live under the shadow of our tall beautiful trees or even breathe air and drink cold freshwater.

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