Janvi’s HOPE – Momo

“I am a girl who stops in the middle of road to click photos and feed the stray dogs and cats. It was about 5 years ago, I cleared my 12th board exams with a good percentage and as promised, my dad got me my first pet ‘Momo‘. She was a shy little girl in the beginning who just sat near the dining table, alert and active! You would wake her up from deep sleep even if walked softly past her. She’s a good observer though. She started to feel my friendly and crazy behavior in just a few days and got comfortable with me. My weird behavior might have made her think and say “Are you for real?” but she started to love and care for me in no time. She started eating, sleeping and playing weirdly in my weird company and eventually she became my best friend.

Later, I adopted two stray dogs. Instead of being insecure, Momo helped them getting comfortable at home. Dogs truly love and care about everyone around them and this is what we get in return for giving them the love they deserve ‘Lots of Love and Pampering’. They all became good friends in no time. Momo, being the oldest used to teach them how to behave, eat, etc. to both of them. They all used to stay home alone without making a mess of the home, all because of Momo. She’s a naughty, playful and bossy baby and since 5 years she’s ruling my heart.”

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