Karishma’s HOPE – Meme

“It was 6 months that I lost my dog that stayed with us for 15 years. I couldn’t accept the fact that Blacky was never coming back. For some days I kept mourning over this. And then eventually I had to live with the fact that nothing lasts forever. I then decided to get home another dog. I told all my friends and everyone I knew to check out for puppies. This went on for a period of 2-3 months but unfortunately, I couldn’t find one. I didn’t expect for more but I wanted someone who looked like my Blacky.

There came a point of time where my family gave up but I didn’t. I just figured out replacement wasn’t easy. I literally love every dog in this world but Blacky was my favorite and I knew there would be a dog somewhere out in this world who will remind me of him and I would find him someday.

Thanks to Instagram!!! I was just checking out Instagram stories and my friend had uploaded a video where I could see a black puppy with a white patch and he looked exactly like Blacky. I instantly messaged this person and told him I need that puppy anyhow. Later realized it was a female puppy. I rushed home that day and took my dad there. When we reached there this little puppy jumped on me like we had a connection and I have never left after that day. It’s been a year now and she is all grown up. She looks exactly like my Blacky and I can’t thank the universe enough when I see her standing in the fields next to my house. Her name is “Meme”.

She brought this HOPE in my life that whatever you need is out there in the universe, it just takes a little time to reach there sometimes.”

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