It’s True, Kennels Are Making Your Pet Sick!

Why do you always have to think twice before booking those trips? Has it always been the fear of leaving your pet alone at home, given you chills? Today, it’s easier to have your pets boarded and have them taken care of, while you are away. Since it has gotten easier, it is even necessary to consider using the best of all the options available. Choosing whether to have your pet boarded with a Kennel / Cattery Boarding or Home Boarding can seem hard yet is very easy.

Your pet could be going through a separation anxiety, fleas, parasites and other kennel illnesses like kennel cough with other stressed dogs / cats around. Let us help you choose what’s the best for your pet as we sum up our experiences into pointers below:


Kennel and Cattery Boarding places are just a commercial area to board your pets when you are not around. These spaces have 15 to 20 dogs / cats boarded together. On the other hand, Home Boarding is nothing but a family who would love to take care of your pet as their own. Usually these families have a pet of their own and take up not more than 2 pets to board.


Kennel and Cattery Boarding are expensive as they are in place for a commercial purpose. A per day fee is expensive when you compare to Home Boarding, which is cheaper. Home Boarding is a better option clearly. As these places are private homes of families who love and care about animals. And are boarding your pet for a small fee to cover a few minimal expenses during the stay.


Your pet would already be sad after departing from you. And then having it to live in a kennel could be nothing worse than a nightmare. Where other dogs and cats are striving to survive without their parents and their attention. Kennels could make it worse because of the environment created which is very depressing for animals. When you keep your pet at Home Boarding, the experience is better. As the pet is treated with lots of love, cuddles from the family members while getting treats and kisses from the whole family and being spoilt.

Food & Walks

Kennels can be really ignorant to your pet’s needs, be it food or walks. The food provided at the kennels wouldn’t be healthy enough or would be the packed ones. The walks would usually be pack walks which could create a problem for dogs who are not open to the idea or are new to it. Having the Kennel look after your pet in a way that you would, is hard. Having the pet’s needs easily and quickly addressed when you are not around is easy when you Home Board them with a family where the pet gets home cooked healthy food or according to the preference you have specified before boarding.

Also, according to the need of the pet, 2 or 3 walks a day are provided by the family. This factor again increases your trust in home boarding and makes it easy for you to leave them with someone trust worthy.

Attention & Freedom

Kennels are most likely to ignore the freedom of your pets and would have them chained at all times. The attention and care that a pet needs is also ignored at the kennels. Home Boarders not only give your pets their freedom to roam about freely in the house but also pampers, cuddle, love and give them their attention.

Kennels are not encouraged as they are not healthy for your pets, costly compared to home boarding and don’t take care of your pets like you / any other animal loving family would. Petronus hopes that you choose wisely and understand the difference between Kennels and Home Boarding because this affects the mental and physical health of the pet. Let us know about your good and bad experiences of boarding.

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