Khushi’s HOPE – Chikoo

“I belong to a family which can be called a small zoo. In my family it’s me, my younger brother, my mom, my dad, Chikoo (the dog), Kittu (the cat), Mitthu (the parrot), and two turtles, Ittu is a girl and Pittu is a boy. But let me tell you, Chikoo wasn’t a planned pet. I got Chikoo two years back as a birthday gift for one of my friends. As that friend had a new born kid at home they were scared if the dog will hurt the baby. Being over protective, they decided to return the dog. At the same time, my uncle wanted to get a dog. So we decided to give Chikoo to him. Chikoo was going to stay with us just for two days, till uncle will do preparations at his place for him. But Chikoo was made to be a part of our family. My mom got so connected to Chikoo in those two days that she decided that he will stay with us.

Firstly he used to sit where we used to sit, later on he found his comfortable zone in the balcony. He was afraid of car rides, as he used to think we would send him to another place as he was brought to us. Then slowly he got faith that we won’t leave him. He scolds me when I don’t eat, comforts me when I’m sad and also cheers with me when I’m happy. He plays and scolds kittu if she misbehaves. Chikoo eats with my mom, sleeps with my dad, plays with me and my brother. He waits for Dad to come home every day in the balcony, as he hears the sound of his car he gets happy and moves out and waits near the lift. When he was small he used to play in water. His favorite season is monsoon. A water baby with a caring and loving heart with protectiveness makes our bond unbreakable.

It’s been two years with him, and many more to come.”

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