Kirti’s HOPE – Lucky

“I always wanted a dog and I am completely a pet lover. I still remember the time when I wanted to keep a pet dog but my family members were totally against the idea and that was the time I completely gave up. But then I also remember the day when my sister came home with a bucket in her hand in which this cute little pup was sleeping and I literally cried that day (khushi ke aasu). It’s been 4 years since Lucky came into our lives and since then he has really been lucky for us. My family members who detested the idea of bringing a pet home, are now more attached to him than me.

He is a family member now. I also tie him a rakhi because he is my baby brother. He is a Pomeranian and is really adorable. I love spending time with my pet dog. Lucky makes me forget all my worries and he brings in a different but positive vibe in the family. He stands near the front door waiting for everyone to come home one by one which makes us feel more special. He also wakes me up in the morning just like my mother. There is a lot to tell about him cannot express that in words. Just one word LIFE.  I feel that every one should keep a pet dog or at least help them in any way possible. As it’ll make you feel much much much better, trust me!”

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