Let Your Pet Be A Part Of Your Wedding!

All you pet parents must have wanted to involve your pets in at-least one big event of your life to share everlasting memories with them. Why? Obviously they mean so much to you and they are practically family. Planning an event with your pet as a part can be tedious with lots of non-human details to be taken care of. Which most often slips out of your mind easily. Before that happens, go through a few tips. To make sure neither you nor your pet are screaming for help in the midst of the celebration. After the pre-wedding to-dos are taken care of, check out our ideas to honor your pet at your wedding. To make the beautiful memories especially with your furry to stand out everytime you go back in time.

Some include pets at their wedding by inviting guests with their pets. While some couples choose to walk down the aisle with their furry boos. Having your pet to cooperate and walk paw-in-hand with you can be a task. Unless they are prepared for it with a little training


To start with, have your pet’s picture / caricature / cartoon printed out on the “Invitation Cards”. This would look not just cute, adorable and beautiful but would also come off as a hint and idea for the attendees about having pets as a part of the ceremonies and events.

Cute Seals

Sending out invitations simple without anything too fancy but just a cute “Seal” on the cards with the figure of your pet on it. These seals are simple, reusable yet elegant which go with almost every wedding, theme or no theme. These seals are very easy to have custom made according to your pet and easily available.

Save The Date

Having a photoshoot for “Save The Date” as a part of your pre-wedding could be very common but this can be made interesting with having your pet to be a part of your shoot. Pets bring in candid moments, originality, genuine laughs and smiles, making your pictures look amazing. So go ahead and have your pet have its style and moments reflect in your pictures.

Cake And Menu

Here’s another way of having your pet to be a part of your wedding – “Custom Made Cakes” and personal “Pet Inspired Menus”. Custom made cakes with toppers that represent the love between the bride and groom with passion and care for animals and pets. One can also have special names for food and drinks.

Special Dance

“Choreograph a special dance” with the bride and pet performing in the lead. This dance definitely would deserve a once more while you enjoy innocent laughs and your pet loves dancing with its favorite person. Treat them like you would treat your partner, with love and warmth because they deserve it.

Pet Photo booth

Your photographer can help you with your preparations and capturing those beautiful moments with your pets at your wedding. The best way to do so would be to “set up a photo booth” at the event where guests can have portraits and candid moments captured with their pets or with your baby. This will encourage interaction, wagging tails and fun.

Adoption Wall

If you are too passionate about pets and animals in general, don’t hold back to encourage guests to adopt and give such animals a warm and loving home. This goes into your good deed list with few hundred licks of the fortunate animals being adopted. You can get this done easily by putting up a collage of pictures on a wall of animals up for adoption. These pictures can be put up once you tie up with an NGO and are willing to promote adoption.

Having the perfect wedding with well planned ceremonies is a dream come true and having that day be celebrated with your wet nose or furry tail takes the happiness meter beyond the roof. Share your ideas with Petronus and we will help you plan the most perfect event including your partner on 4!

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