Monu’s HOPE – Audio

Audio – January 2009 – March 2017

Dear Audio,

“It is hard to write as you are no more with us. You possessed a wide smile, a happy tail, and a sweet spirit. You were a fighter and worked hard to stay with us but after 8 years your body finally gave up. Now that you are gone, we still laugh and cry at the memory of catching you on the bed while we were out. We still marvel about the time you were at our relatives while the rest of us were at our native, and you knew that we were going to pick you up long before we got there. Maa misses you the most as she was the sole reason for your fit and healthy 8 years of survival. While we make her sit in the balcony, she still cries citing other dogs. She felt helpless that she couldn’t do anything for your suffering in the end. Most of all she misses the way you always looked at her, the look that said, “Maa I don’t fear anyone as you are there to protect me”, the look that laid all the trust in her. Yes! you meant the world to her. I will remember you for always being at the door to greet and acknowledge my presence as I returned late from the office, sometimes even at 2 or 3 AM while others were fast asleep.

Putting you to sleep and thereby an end to your suffering was the toughest decision of my life. They say there is a reason; they say time will heal, but neither time nor any reason will change the way we feel. For no-one knows the heartache lies behind our smiles. You’re re so wonderful to think of but so hard to be without.

I wish someone had given Jesus a dog, as loyal as mine. To sleep by his manger and gaze in his eyes and adore him for being divine. Well, the Lord has a dog now, I just sent him mine.

Our tears make us realize that you are gone now. You no longer greet us as we walk through the door. You’re not there to make us smile anymore. Life seems to be quiet without you. It will take time to heal for the silence to go away. You were a great companion, constant, loyal, and true and our hearts will always wear the paw prints left by you. My boy, may your soul rest in peace.”

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