Muskan’s HOPE – Hope

“I am an animal lover since my childhood. One day, a girl in my neighborhood brought this kitten to her place from a road side. But her mom denied to keep her with them. I was present at the place on that moment, so I decided to take her with me. I brought her to my place when she didn’t even open her eyes. I cleaned one of my drawers in my bookshelf, made it comfortable for her with some bed sheets and soft pillows. But as she grew up, she started sleeping with me.

She is so adorable that I couldn’t wait all day to be with her. She is naughty and energetic since she started running. She loves to jump on my back while I’m leaving the house because she doesn’t want me to stay away from her. My mom has pampered her so much that she’s got a habit to drink milk with bread from my mom’s hand. She’s alert all the time, even the sound of a snap can wake her from deep sleep. She eats with my mom, sleeps with me and plays with my brother. She is so playful and gets comfortable with new people easily. She sleeps in the morning and makes us stay up in the night. Now, she’s become a part of my life and I wish we stay the same forever. “

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