Paricher’s HOPE – Aralez

Hi! I’m a 37-year-old, single mum to a 1 year old husky, Aralez. Moved to Mumbai nearly 2 years back, finally settled in the city my mum began her career as a model in after growing up as a third culture child. All my life I’ve lived abroad. It’s only the last seven years that I have been in India and I love it here… so much so, when I was moving from Manchester I had the option to head programming for Mirchi in Mumbai or Surat. I picked Surat. I love challenges, growth markets, places where you can contribute and I’m to say, I did that for 6 years before moving to Mumbai.

While in Surat in 2012, I lost my parents just as I was recovering from TB. Tragically mum in June. Then my ex fiancé’s dad in October. Two weeks later my dad passed away too. It was crazy. My fiancé called off the wedding. He had found someone else and when I thought life would end there, it began. Dealing with death is not easy. But perhaps that not easy bit makes you strong enough to see the goodness that life has to offer. I’ve always felt I was lucky and blessed. I have a fab older bro, who is there for me, parents who prepared me for their passing and made sure I knew how to fish. Literally and so.

Growing third culture meant just like dad, I had the gift of experiencing culture and belonging to more than one place. Being unconventional, like mum, meant I knew society could never dictate me. While I’m the most boring person and am no-party, no drink/smoke, I’m the solo traveler, the kick-boxer, the fashion experimenter and the cook for the people I love.

For Aralez, my one-year-old, I am the world. When I took him in, he was a small skinny misplaced husky pup with a parrot jaw issue. With several homes changed, the day he walked into my home or should I say ran in, my life changed! Patience. Endless love. Playtime. Even how to look at life less seriously. My reason to carry on smiling has always been the love of those who have touched my lives. You learn not to give up and take each day at a time.

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