PET Consent & history

  • We at Petronus would like to know about your pet’s condition in brief. Kindly read the below terms and give your consent for the same. Submitting any information about pet, regarding your pet’s health for booking our Vet Consultation On Call will be deemed as consent on the below terms:
  • I, the undersigned, guardian/pet parent do hereby state and confirm as follows:
  • I have been explained the following in terms and language that I understand. I have been explained the following in the language that is spoken and understood by me.
  • I have been provided with the requisite information; I have understood; and thereafter I consent, authorize and direct the veterinary-in-charge and his / her team with associates or assistants of his / her choice to perform the proposed treatment.
  • I have accurately and correctly disclosed my pet’s medical history, disorders and diseases which was/am suffered by my pet during his/her lifetime and am aware that the treatment which is given by the Veterinaries is solely based relying on the information shared by me and they have not actually or independently verified or physically examined my pet.
  • I have accurately and correctly disclosed my pet’s allergies/is not suffering from any allergies and am aware that the medicines and the treatment given to my pet is based on the fact and information disclosed by me.
  • I authorize the Veterinaries of Petronus to assess my pet’s medical history and to provide healthcare services on ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis, including administration of drugs as deemed necessary.
  • I am aware that healthcare services will be provided through telephonic or Internet consultation with the Veterinaries and that there will be no physical examination.
  • I agree that the diagnosis proposed will be based on movement dysfunction and not the actual diagnosis of the condition.
  • I agree that the diagnosis based on telephonic consultation will be at a pre-primary level and that I will visit another veterinary either as directed by the Veterinary undertaking the telephonic consultation or a veterinary of my choice for further treatment. During the course of the treatment I will disclose sensitive personal information (“SPI”) which will include without limitation (i) physical, physiological and mental health condition, symptoms and history; (ii) medical test results in connection with the aforesaid; (iii) medical records and history which the Petronus team may store, use and disclose to the Veterinaries solely for the purposes of treatment. Petronus will not publish and disclose the SPI to any third person or body corporate without my express written consent, except when mandated by law.
  • I hereby agree and undertake to follow correctly and methodically the treatments recommended by Petronus and to forthwith desist or inform the veterinaries in the event of pain or side effects suffered by my pet during the course of his/her medical treatment.
  • I agree to the clause that the payment will be done prior to the treatment session (prepaid payment).
  • I have been explained and have understood that due to unforeseen circumstances during the course of the proposed treatment something more or different than what has been originally planned and for which I am giving this consent may have to be performed or attempted. In all such eventualities, I authorize and give my consent to the medical team to perform such other and further acts that they may deem fit and proper using their professional judgment.
  • I have been explained and have understood the alternative methods and therapies of the proposed treatment, their respective benefits, material risks and disadvantages.
    I have been advised of the option to take a second opinion from another veterinary regarding the proposed treatment.
  • I state that after explaining, counseling and disclosures I had been given enough time to take decision for giving consent.
  • I hereby agree to indemnify and keep indemnified Petronus and the veterinaries, employees and other personnel/staff working or associated in any manner with Petronus from against all claims, actions, disputes, losses which may be suffered and/or incurred by them or any one of them due to any medical treatment/medicines prescribed by them or any of them to me.
  • I have signed this consent voluntarily out of my free will and without any kind of pressure or coercion.