Pet Friendly Cafés (1/2)

Alright, honestly not too many “Pet Friendly Cafes” are actually pet friendly or even close to being one. After being asked for a lot many times to list down a few cafes which would allow your babies in while you dine, we decided to personally check out the below and write them for you.

Cat Café Studio

10am – 11pm – Versova (café and casual dining)

Having The Feline Foundation as the sister foundation to Cat Café Studio based in Versova. It was started 5 years back, it’s filled with loving, cuddly cats. Who love to stare at you, dance around, curl up. And enjoy while you sit and enjoy your meal in their territory. Get your feline to enjoy this with you and be pampered with the other kitties there.

These cats don’t just enjoy the fine dine with you, but also love a good yoga with felines Mew-Gaon every weekend. Why just stop there? Adopt the cat you vibe with (don’t worry – The Feline Foundation takes care of the adoption) and give it a beautiful home! Also, enjoy events like stand-up comedy, artist circle, board games while you are there.

Doolally Taproom

11am – 1am – Khar, Veera Desai, Sanpada & Kemps Corner (Italian, Mexican, American)

Doolally Taproom is quite popular for allowing pets in on both its floors. The ambiance is so cheerful, lit and open for your babies to roam about freely. People who love pets and to be around one should definitely visit this place. You can have fun with your own / someone else’s pet. One of the amazing pet friendly cafes.

Doolally also offers boiled chicken & eggs and ice-cream for your babies so that they enjoy their treat while you sip on some good craft beer. Keep your phone aside and cherish the Pet company with board games, beer, sports live screening and good food. What a combo!


12pm – 12am – Andheri Lokhandwala (Cafe, Italian, Mexican, Continental)

PEFE is a cozy joint with pups roaming in and around for pampering, good pup pats and love. Let your pet run along and have a good time with the others (you can hog on till then..). The outdoor seating is as beautiful and clean as the indoor seating.

The menu card is so creative that even your pupper could choose a dish for you. Vegetarians!! you are going to love it that you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything from the menu..yes it’s an all veg café!

Pet Parents and Animal Lovers, we know that no amount of love and care is ever enough to show how much they mean to us. Dining at these cafés can fulfill a little of the craving to do so we hope, for your wet snoots and licks and all paws and claws.

Let us know if you think we could add a few more to the list and what your pet thinks about these places. Because honestly only their opinion matters to us!

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