Pet Friendly Cafés (2/2)

Yaaaas! here is another post with a few more pet friendly cafes for you and your pet to drool over good food and ambiance.

The Bagel Shop

9am – 11pm – Carter Road (café and casual dining)

Wanting to visit a really warm, calm, young, beautiful café with your pet in the midst of chaotic and busy Bandra? The Bagel Shop is your perfect go-to spot. The bagels here are stars of this café along with a good cup of coffee. Why just stop for bagels, because the desserts and salads are great.

While you hog on some hooman food (don’t feed your fluff hooman treats..), your happy paws lick on some ice-cream and options on the menu for them put on the menu especially for them. Vegan(tarians) and Jains, yes they love you guys too and have options for you as well. Go crazyy!

Leaping Windows

10am – 12 am – Versova (café and casual dining)

Leaping Windows café is a love child of a coffee lover and comic book lover. The ambiance is filled with all your favorite comic characters painted on the walls. They didn’t stop there and went ahead with having an underground library with the old classic comic books (including special editions) and bean bags. Going all ga-ga over the ambiance, the food is equally awesome.

Imagine sipping on a coffee with your perfect comic character (Marvel fan or not.. no judgement), reading a comic book. And having a nice bowl of salad (or cheese filled sandwich) while your pet has his own sweet time. Roaming around the seating and being pampered by everyone around. Don’t just imagine, visit the café and thank us later.

Check out our article with 3 more cafés and let us know with your comments if we can cover a few more. Petronus always loves to hear more from you.

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