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**Please read the Terms & Conditions before clicking Submit.

  • Please make sure the booking is done at-least a week prior to the commencement of the services.
  • At the time of booking, a 50% advance of the service cost will need to be paid and 20% of the service cost will be non-refundable in case of cancellation . The balance shall be payable immediately after the service completion.
  • Submit photocopy of ID proof (self-attested) before the service for future records.

After grooming, problems such as nicks, clipper irritation and mental or physical stress may arise. In the best interest of your pet, we request your permission to obtain immediate veterinary treatment should it become necessary.

Thereby grant permission to Petronus to obtain emergency veterinary treatment for my pet at my expense. Also, realizing that pets have a greater chance of injury during grooming, I will not hold Petronus responsible for an accident or injury to my pet.