Pets At Your Wedding? Don’t Forget These!

Have you ever thought or wanted to have an important event of your life to include your happy wagging tail with a cold wet nose? Maybe looking for tips all over the internet didn’t give you many ideas to do so. We have carefully curated a few things to keep in mind in case you have been wanting to have your fur baby around at your wedding.

Pets not just bring in more love, smiles, slobbery kisses, amazing pictures with beautiful memories but also strengthens the bond between future pet parents, families and guests when you have the naughty ones roaming around with happy paws. It can be a fun wedding only if you have kept a few things in mind and are well prepared if your pets decide to go south.

Pet’s Personality

We cannot stress more on the fact that your pet’s personality matters more than anything else. If you have a pet who likes to throw tantrums every now and then and doesn’t care if things start to scatter, you might want to re-consider the whole plan. It might seem okay and not a huge deal thinking you can handle your pet at your wedding but will you actually be running behind the tail when you have to be taking your vows? Have someone who understands your furry like you do, to keep it calm till the event ends.

Are They Allowed?

Before everything, you have to first make sure pets are allowed at the facility. This seems like an obvious step but believe us, it’s very easy to skip it from the to-do list. Missing this step could be stressful on the D-Day, because then it would mean changing plans and replacing your pet’s part in the ceremony. If pets are not allowed at the venue, you can include them during your pre-wedding events, post wedding ceremonies that would happen outside the venue and even in the portraits taken before and after the wedding.

Safety Over Style

He definitely looks handsome in the tux and bow (still talking about your pooch), but how comfortable is he in it? Sure, you want him to look his best at your important day but his safety comes first. You wouldn’t want him choking with the suffocating tux and bow or have problems moving around. Find the simplest of accessories as minimal works best and looks elegant too.

Guests Need To Know

Yes, it’s your wedding nothing else might seem that important but DO INFORM YOUR GUESTS. Informing your guests will prevent the chaos that might created later, in case one of your pet or your pet’s friends decides to starts licking guests, pee around on their shoes or few guests are simply allergic to fur. To avoid the mess, consider informing your guests well in advance on your invitation cards, wedding website etc and make sure it’s reiterated once at least a week before the wedding.

Inform Your Photographer

Your photographer needs to know that you would want to have special portraits clicked with your pet, at the wedding. This will help the photographer to be well prepared during the event and shoots for some beautiful candid moments. Informing your photographer will even help you guys plan for some good shoot ideas with your pets after a brainstorming session.

Pet Sitter

Pet sitters are a necessity, not a luxury. The pet sitter will be your rescuer if your fur ball decides to have a fun party by itself. To keep everything related to your pet in place, don’t forget to invite the pet sitter to the wedding so that you don’t have to start running all over the place and worry about anything like if the pet is fed or not feeling comfortable etc. Pet Sitter will make sure that you don’t worry about your pet and you enjoy your big day.

Pets Don’t Always Have To Be Dogs

Who said you need to have a dog to have them to be a part of your wedding? Your pet is a rabbit, horse, a feline, hamster? Doesn’t matter because you can include them anyway if you have precautions, pet sitters, ideas, patience, love and enough food to keep them put while having fun seeing you enjoy the day.

Don’t forget to keep these things in mind and do make sure these are implemented, so that you with your pet are the center of attraction for the good stuff. If you want to plan a event with your pet, Petronus will help you with amazing ideas to make your event be remembered forever for good!

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