Fact: Pets Don’t Spread Virus.

As we all know, our world is going through a virus outbreak and everything is at a pause right now and pet parents have already abandoned pets.

How It All Started

Most of the people around the globe are critically sick and down with the COVID-19 virus and due to this many deaths have occurred in the past few months. We welcomed 2020 with a lot of happiness & excitement, little did we know that something this worse is coming our way!

To add to this misery these days something equally worse is happening around the world. Pet Parents are literally abandoning their pets!!! Pets are abandoned without even a second thought because of COVID-19!

Every pet parent who once said that their pets meant the world to them, suddenly abandoned their pets because of the fear of COVID-19. Everything happening to these pets has been really disheartening to see.

The same thing happened in Mumbai, a few days ago. When BMC put up hoardings with warnings from the World Health Organization which stated one should avoid unprotected contact with wild live animals, farm animals, etc., everybody started panicking. Within 2 days people ended up abandoning their pets, without thinking twice. This is not acceptable!!! Some even ended up killing their pets!

How is this fair ?? People are so heartless and stupid that some aren’t even feeling guilty about whatever they’ve done. Even after the WHO confirmed that our pets do not transmit the virus to human beings, people just abandoned them.

Let’s Take An Oath

We need to change this! Let’s work together and feed a stray on a regular basis in such a situation, after all, they’re a lot better than humans. Animals are not the virus here, human beings are the actual virus on earth. Animals belong here, this is their home. Let’s make sure that every pet you see out on the street, you provide them with water & food.

We should help them throughout and find forever homes for every abandoned pet. Let’s not forget our humanity & help them!

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