Pooja’s HOPE – Rocky

Rocky came into our lives 12 years ago. And, since then he is just another family member. Trust me when I say this, he is not the first dog our family had but we are his first and the only family. He is a family member who senses when there’s something not right with you and will just keep a paw on your thigh reassuring that even if everything won’t be easy, he’ll be there for you! He is that family member that demands to be served his evening biscuits first by constantly banging the first thing in his reach with his left paw. And only then everyone else gets to eat whatever they want, a member who hates rains and is also camera conscious like me. Moreover a member who loves immensely and selflessly.

He senses an unwelcome vibe from every hawker passing by the house. Rocky has left paw prints with every passing day growing up. From everyday trying to comfort my tired legs after work to not touching the chicken tandoori. If it’s not from his favorite place, he made his place in our hearts. I still remember the day my granny got a paralysis stroke, he was the first to sense something unusual. Waking my uncle up so that he can rush and hold my granny before hitting the ground. He everyday gives us a reason to not consider him not just a pet but a family member.”

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