Prabhu’s HOPE – Mothii

“When I was small, my family had a street pet dog named “Mothii” and that time he was treated as a typical animal and not a loving member. Few years after that when we shifted from the chawl to a society and he was forgotten at the old place. As everyone was busy in shifting the things from the old house to the new we did not take care of him, and no one knew where he had gone and what happened to him. At that time we could only miss him and do nothing about it because we lost him.

Years passed and after 10 -12 years my brother brought a street dog he found on the railway tracks. It was not only him but his siblings, too. My brother took him from there and came home. That little dog was very scared with crystal clear tears in his eyes. He was so cute that we couldn’t stop loving him. At the same time mom was angry because of dogs as she didn’t want any animals at home. She calmed down after sometime and everyone accepted him. We named him after our old pet “MOTHII”. He adjusted with us in a short frame of time and our love for him kept on growing. So there was happiness all around the house. He is the main reason behind the happy vibes alive at home and we love him so much.”

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