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Join Petronus pet care & earn in mumbai


I, hereby declare that whatever information I have provided above is accurate and is not misleading. I have willingly agreed to be a part of the 'Referral Program' conducted by Petronus.


What is the Referral Program?

Referral Program gives you the chance to earn as you refer Petronus to Pet Parents for our Pet Care services.

How does the program work?

On referring Petronus for each service, earn an amount of the service cost (as mentioned in the image). This amount will be deposited on every INR 1000 after the service fees has been paid for, by the Pet Parent. Eg: INR 1000 will be deposited into your account after just 5 basic photography service referred by you, are taken by the Pet Parent with Petronus.

How to keep a track?

Once you agree to being a part of this program, a link to a track sheet will be shared with you to keep a track of the referrals and the amounts credited / pending to be credited to your account.

What will Petronus need from you?

Share your details of your account, personal details etc. through the form .