Rojhelle’s HOPE – Kitkat

“I met Kitkat 2 years ago, roaming alone on the streets outside my home. She jumped on me and played with me every single evening after I came back from work. One day, when I got back home and found Kitkat sleeping outside my house, that was the day I took her in. I just knew we were meant to be and today I feel so good about that decision. Since that day, I’ve known and understood what love is, actually even better.

She gave birth to 7 babies and those 4 months with them were the most beautiful months of my life. What’s most beautiful of my relationship with Kitkat is that, every single day, when I come back from work, she’s there and she’s always there, wagging her tail and waiting for me. Kitkat taught me patience and love and I will forever be indebted to her for that. 

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