Saakshi’s HOPE – Sundari

“Back in 2017 when a small hungry pup came near my house and I couldn’t resist myself to feed her something. Later everyday she came and ate the biscuits which I gave her. We started to have a bond and my neighbors too started loving and feeding her. The colony decided to keep her and we named her “SUNDARI” because she looked as beautiful as a snowball. A year later, she was beaten by one of my neighbours because she sat and supposedly destroyed “vegetables” in their cart.

Nevertheless she’s still been here and is being loved by other members in the society. Last year she gave birth to three beautiful puppies who are currently being raised by the colony members and me. Whereas recently she lost her other 7 puppies who were just a day old as they died in the water logging. All we could do was watch her cry because all of them were dea. And couldn’t be brought back to life. After all this chaos, she still manages to make one happy by her beautiful and enlightening face everyday. She’s my HOPE.”

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