Sadhana’s HOPE – Cotton

“From childhood, I have been fond of animals, birds, aquatic beings. Well, I have many stories to tell. To begin, I will begin with Cotton, our cat. Cotton came in our lives mysteriously and disappeared later mysteriously.

When He Came Into Our Lives

One evening, our neighbors were in our building quadrangle where we gathered for a tete a tete. I was playing with Anirudh who was 3 years old, the grandchild of my neighbor. At that time, one sickly white kitten with a golden tail appeared limping. He looked very weak and one foot was injured and so the limp. I saw Anirudh awestruck with the kitten, so in order to make him understand compassion and affection, I went home and got a bowl of milk and soframycin.

The kitten lapped up the milk and Anirudh was very happy to see the tiny kitten lapping milk. I applied soframycin on it’s wound and all of this fascinated Anirudh, and we left thinking the kitten would go away. But the next day, the kitten was there. I repeated giving milk and food and applying ointment. Slowly, the kitten healed and became a member of our society.

I named him Cotton as he was a white ball. My husband grew very fond of him. In fact,  he would regularly get non-veg and feed him. He would sleep on our Cane swing. He would greet us whenever we went down.

This bewildered me as though he was a cat, he had his traits of a dog. To acknowledge and to follow us. Other cats used to come to meet him and our basement area became a den for all types of cats.

Cotton then grew and would gorge on pigeons and squirrels and I realized he was growing bigger into a typical cat and no amount of admonishing would make him give up his nature of chasing pigeons and squirrels.

And, When He Left…

Unfortunately, he went missing all of a sudden and our heart broke.  We miss Cotton till today as he was a very caring and a demonstrative cat. The best thing about Cotton was that everyone in our building started loving him and it brought us together as a family. He sleeps on the scooter parked or the swing was a visual treat and the minute someone came and would give a royal salute.

Cotton grew on people and I bathed him twice though one does not bathe a cat, the reason being he was a white cat and he would look at times dirt struck. He hated being carried up as he loved the basement area and the bath scared him!!

Wherever he is, I hope he is happy!

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