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Lizzy is a standing example of the perils of separating a lactating mom from her kids. What a journey it has been!! I am more than elated to share with you all that our Lizzy, a breeder rescue who was still lactating and had gone through mental and physical trauma, is now adopted by a loving family, where she’s already spending her days lolling around in nature’s lap. She’s crowned a queen there.

A big shoutout to Lizzy’s foster parents, Bryan Gomes and his family, who left no stone unturned in taking care of Lizzy and molding her habits and behavior. She started showing signs of recovery. Bryan’s entire family participated in Lizzy’s recovery. From her walks to food to post-operative recovery, Bryan and his family ensured that all her needs are taken care of. This wouldn’t have been possible without their support. She learned to love and socialize while playing with other foster siblings. This girl has sure left an indelible mark on everyone she’s been with. I wish her a wonderful and loving life ahead. A big thank u to all others for sharing Lizzy’s post.

What’s amazing is that the adopting family was patient enough to wait for 45 days for our girl to be spayed and recover from all the abuse which made her whine, howl, and cry even in her sleep. They waited with joy to welcome LIZZY. I am so overwhelmed to see our girl smile like a gem and I wish our sunshine and her family a bright and glowing life ahead filled with love and care.”


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  1. Shubham

    I want to adopt a Puppy

  2. Deekshith Suvarna

    I wanna adopt a puppy

    1. Petronus

      Hi, please get in touch with us on +91 8169528293

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