Shreya & Rohit’s HOPE – Buddy

“Last year on our first wedding anniversary, Feb 11th, we decided to bring home our bundle of joy and hope — Buddy. The double-coat, black & tan hunk is perhaps the most handsome German Shepherd Dog one would rarely see. He is a real head-turner and equally praised by kids and elders. Buddy came home when he was only 5 weeks old. From a frizzly ball of fur that used to comfortably fit in our arms to now outgrowing that space sooner than imagined, Buddy has captured our hearts to the fullest capacity. 

This baby, who’s a little over a year-and-a-half, has changed and continues to change our lives in the most beautiful and amazing ways. We have become more attentive — no more dropping food; more sincere — getting up at 6:30 am because he needs his morning walk; fitter — running after Buddy most of the day; more responsible — no more leaving stuff out in open because Buddy’s olfactory organ is way more powerful than our scolding, and yes, we have also become lazier — because who doesn’t like cuddles.

He’s an early riser, by choice. And it’s almost mysterious how he wakes us up at the same time every day without an alarm!! Buddy has a peculiar way of waking us up. Tirelessly, he walks around the bed with a toy clutched in his slender snout, waiting for us to at least toss once. And guess what? The thuds of his toes do the needful. That’s our cock-a-doodle-doo — and every morning we wake up to his gorgeous face, innocent eyes that ask for breakfast and those pointy ears — never have they ever failed to pick up the lowest frequency sound. Mesmerizing enough?

What’s more funnier and interesting is to watch how his ears twitch and bend reflecting his changing moods. This big guy has a lot of mood swings and it’s totally up to him to take our commands. Sometimes treats’ bribes fail, too. Of course, his head tilts and we do silliest of things to see his head goes left and right… right and left.

Buddy has undergone his obedience training as a puppy and is currently preparing for dog shows, because why not! He’s a total swagger and his chances of winning hearts is always 100 percent. We communicate with him mostly in English. But he reads our gestures and promptly makes moves. A quick mention of his favorite foods: anything that can be chewed up. Mangoes and bananas are an absolute must else we get to see a grumpy face all day long. The fellow has a typical schedule: SLEEP-EAT-PLAY-EXERCISE-EAT-PLAY-SLEEP! And in between some head massages and belly rubs. Every nook and corner of our home smells of him — our favorite fragrance.  Buddy is a great son and precious addition to our family. He has transformed our lives with positivity, made us better human beings and given us HOPE for a happier, healthier, and contentment filled future.

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