Shruti’s HOPE – Zorawar

“I am from advertising background, so my working hours are never fixed. Although I always loved dogs and cats, I never wanted to get one home for the fear of making them feel lonely. My ex-partner brought Zorawar into our life. Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t work out, but by that time Zorawar was already my child and I, his mother. To be honest, I became one on the day I saw Zorawar for the first time. To my surprise, I’ve become a dedicated mother. I never thought I was capable of being one. Now I spend more time at home.

I try to optimize my working hours so I could leave early and be with him. My weekends are reserved for him and if there’s any plan, he’s always involved. I’ve become more responsible financially and mentally.  I never liked shallow social outings, now I have an excuse to avoid them. The end of the relationship had almost destroyed my faith in love. Zorawar and my close friends kept it alive. More than the love and affection he has for me, it’s the uncontainable love I have for him that keeps me sane. Being able to love someone immensely makes you feel alive and I thank Zorawar for that.

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