Sonakshi’s HOPE – Cocoa

“I have always loved dogs! There is something in the way they look at you full of love making you feel so special! As a child my parents did not let me have one owing to the fact that a lot of work and care goes into looking after them and thought that I was being stubborn like a child and would soon out grow the idea of getting a dog. But soon enough as an adult I demanded to have one and my constant coaxing shook their resolve. My brother and I quickly got Cocoa home before they changed their mind again. The first few months were difficult, well a puppy has a lot energy, to top it the teething and the odd sleeping hours can exhaust you. But soon my family, especially my parents grew so fond of him that now they can’t do without him too.

Infact within our colony people might not know me and my brother but they know where Cocoa lives. He is such an attention seeker, loves meeting new people and dogs, he loves being outdoor so much and goes crazy every time he gets free reign to run crazy without a leash. He is always so grateful for all the love and care he receives that he makes it a point to make up for all the good that comes his way with licks and wags! He has taught me to always look at the bright side of things, be happy and always be grateful for every comfort and joy in life cause the good always over weighs the bad! Cocoa has brought so much love and happiness into our lives, that we will forever be indebted to him.”

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