Subodh’s HOPE – Guddu & Mufy

“Since childhood, I always had a dog or strays dogs or some pet like a rabbit. I have stayed alone for many years but never felt lonely. A few years back I started feeling uneasy and was reluctant to return home. I used to pass my time at my relatives’ or friends’ homes. Going through this feeling daily wasn’t easy and so I decided to get a dog home. Since I lived alone, a normal-sized dog would have been difficult for me to manage and handle so I decided to get a Chihuahua.

Soon after getting Guddu, I started returning home like a magnet being pulled by another magnet. After a while I realized that Guddu was getting lonely whenever I went out or wasn’t really around. This was when we added another member to our family of two, Mufy. We three are a great company to each other. Having them around and at home got my routines improved with time. Today, people recognize me as Guddu’s and Mufy’s daddy.

When we go out for our daily stroll, so many people cuddle and pet them. Both are so friendly with kids that our walks last for around 1 hour. Whenever any school invites for orientation events, I go with my boys. Some people fear dogs, while some do not fear them anymore since they started playing with Guddu and Mufy. We three are a sweet and happy family.

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  1. Tanmay Shelar

    Nice story.

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