Supriya’s HOPE – Soula

“It was a dusky February evening when I came across a video of Soula playing with her sisters. I remember not having smiled like that for ages. It was a breath of fresh air in my downhill battle to overcome depression and anxiety. After extensive research on being a pet parent, I finally brought her home. I had to wage many a battle to be with her. Was it worth the effort? ABSOLUTELY YES. I finally got my furry savior – Soula but it was not an easy journey.

Since my mother wasn’t comfortable with dogs, I had to move into a rented apartment, and get Soula home. I was ready to do anything for my ball of fur and kept a full-time maid for her too. Taking care of a pet is no less than taking care of a child. To date, I put her interests over mine. I try my best within my means to give her a good life. I ended up having most of my months end with negligible savings but a heart full of love.

My Soula with her affectionate personality changed my life in a multitude of ways. In the darkest moments of my life, she gave me something to look forward to and a purpose to live. She won over my mother’s heart who now dotes on her like a grand-kid. We eventually moved back in with my mother.

There are fewer joys in the world which can compare to the joy of seeing your pet. The way the run over to you when you’re home after a long, tiring day, is bliss! We Doggy proofed the house and realized that less clutter is the best for all. My free time now goes into trying out new recipes for her. From playing with her, grooming her, taking her on mini-vacations, to watching her be her goofy self!

We are both super attached to each other. When I’m away, my recorded voice singing her favorite song relaxes her…

“Soft Soula, warm Soula, little ball of fur.
Happy Soula, sweety Soula, let’s cuddle her!”

Soula has taught me to become more responsible and “pawsitive” and to enjoy the small pleasures in life! Soula gives me HOPE that life will be better, she gives me HOPE that all my problems will ease out. I know it will, as long as she’s there with me!”

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  1. Meenu

    So cute
    Pure love 😀

  2. Shaswati

    An awesome transformational story .Hope you never turn back and look at the difficulties life has thrown at you but look ahead to a life full of joy and happiness.Dogs make better companions .. fiercely loyal and they are able to reciprocate your love in equal measures !!!


    Dear Supriya,
    Your story simply proves that there is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good pet.

  4. Shubhangi Nerlekar

    Hi Supriya!From the school days you had command over languages nd I feel after your law graduation it has flourished more!I really enjoyed reading it!I had seen your pics with Soula nd affection towatrs her but the real depth is revealed after reading this article.It is a well known fact that pet therapy is used in dealing many psychological problems nd your Soula has proved it again.I am happy that you got your soulmate through Soula at present.The dogs are really true friends nd great joy as playmates!I wish you both a very peaceful and happy life together!I would love to meet her personally one day till then have a great time!

  5. Akash Chilka

    Nice version of Sheldon’s comfort song

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