How Dare “You” Or “Us”?

How did we even think it was okay to kill or destroy everything around us? How dare we think that we are superior and have the power over every soul we come across? Who gave us the right to kill so many animals, trees, snatch away homes of so many birds, fishes etc. for our selfish and shitty means? Who has the answers to these? How does one paper give you the right to order cutting down trees like you have had the magic wand and power to create and destroy life. Funny how we humans think we were put on Earth to create a planet filled with idiotic humans and kill every other beautiful and loving creation around. We have almost destroyed the Amazon, made…


Do You Scoop After Your Dog Poops?

Hearing complaints from people around including many pet parents about seeing poop lying around on the road corners because their pet parents apparently didn't think it was their responsibility to pick it up after their dog. There is a very strict law in many countries to always scoop after your pet poops. Would you like to walk over someone else's poop or even if it was yours? No? Why do you think it's okay to let others have to deal with your pet's surprise when you wouldn't personally like dealing with it? This problem is faced by almost everyone, everyday! It should be more of a must-do to have a clean and peaceful community. Reasons why you should actually start scooping your pet's poop are: Hygiene…


Walking Can Be Interesting!

Having to walk your pooch everyday can get monotonous not just for you but even for your pet. Keeping walks interesting is easier than you think and fun as well. Finding your own special way of bringing in some fun to your walks will not only keep your dog interested in walks but will also make your bond stronger with it. There are multiple ways of doing this wherein you won't have to drag your pet literally out of the house or hear them growl. Walks can be turned into a time that your pooch always looks forward to not just because it has to poop and pee but because it loves the time spent outside with you. Listing down a few easy methods to keep…


Why Are We Nurturing Our End?

How would you feel if you had to leave your child on the roads, in the garbage, outside an unknown house or give them up for adoption? How would it feel if you did it just because you were to shift somewhere else, having another baby in the house, someone in your house was pregnant, he/she was too old to be kept in the house, his/her needs were not affordable suddenly or just because...?! Seeing all these people calling themselves "Pet Parents" and then learning that they want to give up their pet, who they supposedly called them their "kid", "child", "baby", "love", by putting up posts around on their social media, spreading a word around that they want to have their very own "child" adopted…


Pet Parent Or A Pet Owner?

We meet different Pet Parents all the time. You have not spoken to the enough if you have not heard them talking about how their Pet is the best in the whole wide world. Agreed! Like every other parent on the planet, they too think their baby on 4 is the best than the rest and they are not wrong, because they are, in their own way. You discover how one can talk without getting tired about their pets. These people are parents, what do you expect? They are proud. Now, you come across a different set of people too. These pet parents, are no where close to being parents to their pets but are just owners! Yes, owners and that is how they would even…

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