Unbreakable Bond And The Silent Vow Of Forever!

No matter how bad your day had been but the moment your enter your home, you know you have a 4 legged goofball, wagging its tail, waiting to jump on you with all the unconditional love it has stored in itself in the whole day for you. They never judge, they don’t care if you failed a test, got fired, etc. They love you with the same intensity as they did before and more when they sniff sadness lingering over you.

Dogs have always been a man’s best friend and stood strong and tall whenever we needed them. When you have a pet dog, its nearly impossible to have a frown on your face with them around. They don’t just keep you happy but play a big role in keeping you healthy. We have listed down a few ways on how these pooches have been successful in keeping us healthy since the time of their existence and our ever growing bond with them.

Healthy Heart

You can’t have a pet dog and not walk it daily at-least twice. You know how this simple exercise of walking for 30 mins every-time you take it for a walk can change your heart? This reduces your pressure and cholesterol keeping your heart healthy. Not just this, but having a pet will keep a heart patient healthy. These patients survive longer than a patient who don’t have a pet.

Soothe Stress

Petting your animal is a stress relieving and a very soothing task. How can you be stressed about something when you have a pupper around who is just wagging its tail hard and waiting to get your attention to have fun and be cuddled? It’s proven that walks with your dog, playing with them, talking to them like you would talk to your close person, reduces stress. Also, don’t forget how they act crazy around you when they realize you are upset about something to put a smile on your face.

Social Skills

Having a pet will improve your social skills for sure. When you take your pets out, especially your dog, as it attracts more human interaction from animal loving strangers who would eventually start a conversation with you while pampering and petting your dog, without making the whole situation awkward. Dogs will also warn you if the human isn’t all that good for you because they can sense way before you realize something fishy.

Allergies Away

Having a pet around while you are pregnant can reduce the chances of the new born developing allergies related to lungs mostly. This was proven by scientists that if the baby was exposed to pets in the first year, they were comparatively healthier than the ones not having a pet around them. The babies around the pets were less likely to develop hay fever, asthma or eczema as they grew older. Having pets around the babies increased their immune system and made them stronger.

Distant Depression

This we say with confidence “Animals, especially dogs shoo away depression“. How do you stay sad and depressed when you have a loving, cuddly, waging tail always waiting to hug you, kiss you, lick you and never judge, around you? Their puppy faces are enough to light up our day and make us happy. They sense trouble and sadness. And will do everything in their power to keep you away from harm and bring a smile on your face.

Animals are the living that the Creator has blessed us with. It’s his way of saying that he is not yet disappointed in us. They give us HOPE when we have none left. They are always by our side and we don’t see any bad happening to our Mother Earth till they exist. We need to learn to CO-EXIST with them!

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