Dog Walking Can Be Interesting!

Having to walk your pooch every day can get monotonous not just for you but even for your pet. Keeping walks interesting is easier than you think and fun as well. Finding your own special way of bringing in some fun to your walks will not only keep your dog interested in walks but will also make your bond stronger with it. There are multiple ways of doing this wherein you won’t have to drag your pet literally out of the house or hear them growl.

Walks can be turned into a time that your pooch always looks forward to not just because it has to poop and pee but because it loves the time spent outside with you. Listing down a few easy methods to keep your walks interesting which can be commonly used by every dog parent. Also, keep adding your own unique way to this list because every dog is different and your bond is equally unique.

Try A New Place

Your dog too gets bored of seeing the same place and trees, tires, cars etc. every single day just like you do. When you plan to switch to a new place, lane or a garden to explore for your dog walks, it makes things exciting for your dog because now he has a whole new place to run around and sniff. Seeing the same place and people can get boring for you as well, so why not try a new place that works the best for both of you with a new smell of fresh air and area and let him mark a new tree!

Spice It Up With Treats

Treats…this word can even excite the most bored, lazy and annoyed dog on Earth! Why not incorporate some favorite treats in your walks? This way you can train your dog with some treats and have a healthy walk. What is a better outcome of a walk than a healthy, trained pooch? Go ahead and grab a few treats (not too many or you will regret it) and have a treat worthy walk.

Meet A Few New

Getting bored of same faces is not something that only humans go through but sometimes it’s the case with your pet as well. They don’t get bored of the faces they see everyday (they love seeing you every second) but seeing and meeting new, warm humans and animals who would love to share a bond, pamper and care, makes it interesting for them to go for walks. This makes them expect good things out of a healthy walk while enjoying it and not wanting to rush home to just laze around.

Add An Activity Or A Break

You don’t have to walk for 30 to 40 minutes at a stretch with your pooch to make it worth the exercise. Try adding in an activity like playing fetch or meeting up with a group of pet parents on a walk at the same time so that their pets can have a play date while you just relax and enjoy the beauty of seeing them run across and have fun to their heart’s content. You can also add breaks of 5 minutes after every 10 to 15 minutes of the walk for both of you to take in nature and catch your breath.

Walks are not an obligation and shouldn’t feel like one. Try adding your unique way of making it super fun in these ways because, at the end of the day, it’s an important exercise. If you can’t personally take your dog out for a walk, hire a walker that could give it the best exercise with not just walks but with more activities to keep your pooch healthy!!

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