Unethical Breeding Must Be Stopped

Let’s understand what actually breeding means. Also, the difference between responsible and unethical breeding.

How would you feel if you had to leave your child on the roads, in the garbage, outside an unknown house, or give them up for adoption? How would it feel if you did it just because you were to shift somewhere else, having another baby in the house? Or if someone in your house was pregnant, he/she was too old to be kept in the house, his/her needs were not affordable suddenly or just because…?!

Seeing all these people calling themselves “Pet Parents” and then learning that they want to give up their pet. Who they supposedly called them their “kid”, “child”, “baby”, “love”. By putting up posts around on their social media, spreading a word around that they want to have their very own “child” adopted having the audacity to ask the breeders to stay away from taking their “Shih Tzu” for breeding (where do they think they got theirs from?) because of the stupidest reasons you could have heard of. They spent all these years with you, giving unconditional love and pampering without expecting anything in return. And all these so-called parents, put them on the roads, abusing them, etc. just because you can!

Being a part of this pet industry has made us realize how important animals are to this Earth. They give, give and give and all we humans do is take, take and take and still never be satisfied. Meeting up with people who want to “adopt” a specific breed has just made it easy for us. Easy to understand how much do we humans actually care about these animals and birds. Because their love starts with a specific breed. Pets are no specific breed! Pets are just hearts who want to offer you love and care. All that for just a minute of your time, pampering, attention, and love.

Today, awareness of breeding has increased and is spreading like fire. But yet you see stupid humans asking around for these bred dogs to pet. We are selfish that we choose to ignore the harsh truth about breeding. Breeding is actually getting the animals raped. So that people can have their specific breed dogs at home to show-off to the world. Even after getting these pedigree dogs home, humans are incapable of taking care of them. And they leave them on the roads. Because they realize suddenly that they can’t afford to take care of these breeds! They forget that these breeds were never meant to live in an Indian climate!

Having a pet at home is basically equal to having a baby who only wants to love you, take care of you and wants to be with you forever. Every animal is capable of love and mind you, more than what we humans can ever be! Why do we go against the nature and breed them for your pleasures of showing off to the world? Adopting our Indie babies would give you the same pleasure with the attention and love they want to give you. They would live longer than any other bred babies and their standard of living is affordable too. Even after knowing all these advantages of having an Indie pet, why do we still choose to torture dog of different breeds and compel them to be born?

We humans have a sick mind, don’t care about anyone other than us, want to destroy our mother Earth, contaminate it till we survive and complain about everything when nature answers back with a slap on our faces! We wouldn’t harm our own human kids, have them raped, steal their food/home, leave them on the roads, abuse them, tie them up, not let them live because you think only you have the right to live on Earth or for any other damn reason, then why do you do this with our animals?

Why are destroying everything we come across, for our pleasures and still be incapable of taking care of it? We were meant to co-exist because like them even we are just a part of this ecosystem. They existed since long before us but won’t survive for long! It would be good if you had to see the positive side of their extinction because then only the human race will face the apocalypse while our animals sit and enjoy the show from heaven! If we could love half as much as an animal, we would be twice the human we are today! God Bless Human Race!!!

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